About Us

Well, the name says it all: we all love to watch movies. This is like an indoor hobby for many of us. But for young people who take media as their professions, it’s more than a hobby. It becomes their passion.

We don’t have a favorite sector, but to continue with our passion, we have decided to create a website to share some knowledge stuff. Life is all about doing your favorite things right?

When you get obsessed with something, then the only thing left you can do is, share what you know to help the endeavors. So we decided to create a website and share all the in’s and out’s about the technical section of the media field.

In this site, we will share everything about multimedia, like streaming services, media software, addons, cameras, and other gadgets, and much more. Stay with us to know more.

If you want to prioritize your list, we always appreciate the request. We are focusing on new news, which has just been released, but for now, each time we bring something interesting, and we will see how it test the time.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or criticism – we all have ears and kindly contact us. If we want to revisit a particular thing, we already have it in our closet, and it might still be on the to-do list (it’s our secondary hobby, so time is “precious”).