We were lucky to have Illinois DIY filmmaker Rocky Nelson in our fair city for 3 jam-packed days. He traveled by train, then bus, for a total of 37 straight hours to join us for a weekend of celebration. We introduced him to breakfast tacos and BBQ brisket among other central Texas culinary delights. Rock shot about 3 hours of footage in Austin for inclusion in his upcoming monsta movies, including the 1.5 million bats that fly out from underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge every evening this time of year. You can see Rock getting off of his bus in this clip here.

We interviewed him for the documentary and it is quite possibly the most inspiring footage we’ve shot thus far. Rock unleashed a non-stop series of monologues about the value of making art on your own terms without the assistance of pesky annoyances like a budget, a crew, or actors. We can’t wait to share his passion with filmgoers. On the evening of Sunday, July 1, the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz hosted Rock for a screening of his best work and allowed him to preach the gospel of shot-on-video creativity to a sold-out audience of new fans. He flexed his muscles, did 50+ push-ups, shadowboxed, and shouted inspiring messages out into the crowd from his much deserved place in the spotlight on the Ritz stage. The crowd gave the maestro a warm reception and the antics before and after the show will go down in Alamo Drafthouse history. It was a fitting conclusion to our production on the home video documentary as Rock is such a perfect example of an artist who could only exist in the post-video world. We are deep into editing now and have more exciting updates to share soon. Keep your eyes on this page!


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