One of the key inspirations for this documentary and one of the aspects of the video revolution that has continued to inspire us while working on it is the way home video made movies accessible to everyone. Not just the ability to see them but the ability to make them, and even distribute them. There is no greater example of this fact than the prolific work of eccentric filmmaker David “The Rock” Nelson.

Nelson is a former marine and amateur boxer who has held a love of monster movies his entire life. Since 1991 he has actively created original works with a camcorder in and around the suburbs of Des Plaines, IL with titles like THE DEVIL ANT and THE DEMON MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE. His films have no budget and often run the exact amount of time that was available on the videotape he was shooting with. “Rock” frequently cuts away from the story at hand to share personal anecdotes with the audience on subjects ranging from his preferred method of making coffee to the workout routine he uses to sculpt his body. His work is clearly influenced by every monster movie he has ever watched but it also feels completely unlike anything that has ever been made anywhere.

We have missed Nelson several times in our travels and as we wrap our production it was beginning to look like he might not make it into the film. The decision was made that if we couldn’t find a way to get to “The Rock” within our current schedule then we would have to bring “The Rock” to us. This decision creates an added bonus for those living in or nearby Austin. He will be in Texas to visit with us the last few days of June with a ┬áspecial screening at the Ritz on Sunday, July 1. The feature presentation is a program assembled from all the greatest movies in his filmography; a delicious sampler platter of his finest work. Come celebrate true outsider art and the magic of home video with us. It will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable nights of your life. See the man in action here and mark your calendar now! Tickets will go onsale a week before the show and we’ll be posting a link at that time.

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