Back From Extra Trips!

We apologize for the lack of updates recently but we have been busy traveling. Thanks to the success of our Kickstarter campaign we have just completed our two additional trips for the project: Cleveland, Ohio and Toronto, Canada. We filmed a total of 20 interviews, none of which would be featured in the film without the generosity of those who supported our crowd-funding effort.

We stopped into the homes of several SOV filmmakers while we were in the Cleveland area. Many people don’t realize that Northeast Ohio was a hotbed of shot-on-video filmmaking throughout the 90′s. We also stopped into the Cinema Wasteland convention to interview various other characters in the home video story. A wrong turn even brought us briefly to the edge of Lake Erie.

Our time in Canada was extremely productive, yielding interviews with a variety of subjects from the worlds of rental, production, distribution, archiving, and even fine art video installation. It also included our very first Oscar nominated participant in the form of Atom Egoyan who shared insights into the development of home video technology as it applies to the world at large and to his own highly personal work.

We are gathering all of the Kickstarter rewards this week (printing, etc) and should have them in the mail early next week. All backers should be on the lookout for awesomeness in their mailboxes.

Our final production trip to Japan is shaping up nicely with a handful of interviews scheduled and another 15+ as possibilities. This will be a huge trip and will provide a lot of unique content for the doc. We have a research assistant and interpreter working on the ground in Tokyo to get everything in place for our arrival during the last two weeks of May. More updates soon!!!

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