Update on Japanese Theatrical Release!!!

Our theatrical release in Japan was originally planned for  Uplink Shibuya in Tokyo and Theater Seven in Osaka, but due to popular demand we’ll be opening in two other major cities as well! The theatrical roll-out will continue at Cinema Skhole in Nagoya and at the Rissei Cinema in Kyoto in the coming weeks. Uplink has some fun events planned during the run, and the screenings will also feature a video introduction by Illinois outsider artist David “The Rock” Nelson. Also, see below to find out how you can be a participant in the distribution process!

10500368_549697525153253_564495645729024578_n (1)Uplink made special advance tickets for the release, using actual VHS tapes, and they’ve already sold out of their stock. As a result of that enthusiasm, they are now doing a campaign in which the public can donate their unwanted tapes to the cause. If you have tapes to donate, simply contact Uplink and arrange to drop them off. You’ll receive a poster or postcard for our movie, plus a discounted admission once it opens.  The release is only a couple weeks away, so tell your friends to donate their tapes! The details of the campaign can be found here.

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