Details on Japanese Theatrical Release!!!

We’ve wrapped up our three preview screenings in Tokyo, and it was a phenomenal experience. Our distributor has shown a lot of confidence in the movie, and more importantly they’ve shown that they understand it. They’ve made great efforts to build a buzz for the movie in Japan, and it has been very rewarding to watch the excitement grow. Now it is time to focus on the full-scale theatrical release. The film will be opening for a two-week run in Tokyo at Uplink Shibuya on July 26th, then opening for a concurrent two-week run at Theater Seven in Osaka on July 27th. The possibility exists for it to continue rolling out to other cities if there is enough interest from audiences.

BannerGraphicThere are several special events in the works, and you can keep up to date by following our social media accounts, or checking in at the new Japanese homepage or Facebook page for our movie. For starters, we can reveal that every advance ticket sold at the Uplink Shibuya box office is going to be an actual VHS tape (pictured below) with a secret movie contained on it. These are almost certainly the heaviest movie tickets ever sold. Stay tuned over the next few weeks because we’ll have a new Japanese trailer and an announcement about t-shirts from a great designer in Tokyo!


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